Schools have a responsibility to ensure that their admission policies are fair and equitable. Unfortunately, many schools continue to use outdated and controversial methods for admitting students. This often results in students from privileged backgrounds receiving preferential treatment, while those from less fortunate circumstances are left behind.

There are a number of ways that schools can create a more equitable admissions process. For example, they could give more weight to factors like personal essays and letters of recommendation, which give all students an equal chance to showcase their unique talents and achievements. They could also place less emphasis on standardized test scores, which often favor wealthier students who can afford expensive test prep courses.

By making these simple changes, schools can help level the playing field and ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to gain admission. This would ultimately benefit not only the individual students, but also society as a whole by ensuring that our best and brightest minds are not being left behind simply because of their economic status.
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